November 22nd, 2021

Whatever good things we build end up building us

Two and a half months ago, Developer DAO was born.

My hope was to spur the creation of a community-owned collective of builders aligned with the same values, ideas, and principles that have inspired me during my career – the opportunity to get paid doing what I love while working towards common goals for the benefit of the world with a major focus on building free and public goods.

There are many people in web3 focused on building cool shit, experimenting at the bleeding edge, and learning in public all while helping other people gain opportunities, and not focused on trading and speculation. These are my people ❤️.

November 1st, 2021

My hope is to have the story of Developer DAO told through the voices of its many members from all over the globe. My version of the story is no more important than any other, but we’ve got to start somewhere. So, here it goes.

I’ve watched DAOs from the sidelines for years.

Happily, I missed the boat on “The DAO” - one of the first large-scale attempts to democratize governance over publicly invested funds. In 2016, this project failed spectacularly after a hacker drained the smart contract to the tune of $55 million. Long story short, this event spurred the heated debate that led to the community splitting into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. For a time, DAO was a taboo acronym.

After some hard lessons were learned in public and enough time had passed, interest resumed. Along the way, I had a hunch that MakerDAO and Aragon were building important tech, and that MolochDAO and MetaCartel were on to something interesting, but were just one-off experiments by friends that could afford to lose a few cryptobucks.